photo: Whole Foods

You and the fam already feast on Whole Foods’ fab prepared foods. Well, now the supermarket chain is adding something even more awesomely amazing to its menu — a mac and cheese bar. Okay, okay. Before you jump in the car and head out to your local Whole Foods, this new addition is only in one store. At least for now. Denver’s Union Station location is getting this cheesy treat, and we’ve got the scoop on it!

To start with…umm, yum. Right? Mac and cheese is the ultimate in comfort foods. And creating an entire bar (oh, and it’s six feet long) dedicated to the ooey gooey cheesiness of it, could it be any better? The addition to the hot foods section will include tasty versions of plain ol’ mac and cheese, such as roasted tomato, vegan and barbecue pork.

And if that wasn’t enough for the cheesy lovers out there, Whole Foods is also adding a 100-pound cheese tower. Yes, that’s right. A 100-pound cheese tower. Made from local vendors, this handcrafted display is pretty much the best thing that any cheese fan could think of.

Even though all the cheesiness is only going to the Denver Union Station location right now, we all hope that Whole Foods will expand this option nationally!

Would you like to see a mac and cheese bar at your neighborhood Whole Foods? Tell us in the comments below.