First day of school? Forget about it. It’s the first day of the Amazon Whole Foods takeover! Not surprisingly, customers are seeing some pretty noticeable price cuts. Take a look at what happened on Amazon’s first day.

whole foods

photo: Whole Foods

Everyone predicted a major price drop, and that’s what’s happening. Yay! Reports from Manhattan’s Whole Foods on East 57th Street show that the prices items such as organic avocados are dipping (from $2.79 to $1.99) and the organic rotisserie chicken has fallen from a whopping $13.99 to a much more reasonable $9.99.

With the $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods comes bonuses galore for those of us who are price-conscious shoppers. Overall, there’s a reported 43% reduction in prices in some stores. And what does that mean for Amazon and Whole Foods? We’re guessing that a lot more of us who are on a budget will be okay with the grocery store’s new prices.

If you’re headed out to Whole Foods, look for new signs that feature and old vs. new price comparison.

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