One of the clearest places to witness the great gender divide is often in the kid’s clothing aisle. While girls’ clothes are almost always a thousand different shades of pink and emblazoned with hearts and glitter, boys clothes often make an equally clear statement with fearless superheroes and dinosaurs. One retailer is disrupting the standard, however. Read on to learn why a new boy’s t-shirt sold at Target is causing a stir in the best way possible.

photo: Target via Babble 

Target’s new Cat & Jack line of kids’ clothing is making a different kind of statement with a new tee that reads “Strong Like Mom.” Although the boy’s t-shirt might signal a shift in how we view the gender divide in kid’s clothing, it’s pretty par for the course in the Cat & Jack line that debuted at Target last summer.

The stylish and super-affordable threads think outside the sandbox with designs that avoid screaming out stereotypes and come in a variety of colors to please every unique taste. It’s just one more wonderful excuse for a trip to every mom’s favorite place.

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