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As a parent, you probably know that kids can be darn strange. But don’t worry, your little stinkers aren’t the only ones doing weird things. A thread on Reddit is going viral after a user asked the question “what is the weirdest thing you’ve caught your child doing?” Scroll down to read some of the funniest comments:

“I walked into the kitchen one day to see my 4-year-old son cleaning the counter with a piece of ham. He then went over to the sink, washed off the piece of ham and then started to eat it.”

— Link-to-the-Pastiche

“When my son was young, he would sleep walk a lot. There was one really weird instance in particular when we woke up to a noise and could not find him. We called out his name many times, but he never responded. I found him in the bathroom, behind the door. I asked what he was doing…he just smiled and went back to bed.”

— Ladyingreypajamas

“My daughter, who’s five, took a sip of juice from a straw, spit it into her hand, and then proceeded to rub it into her hair like it was hair product or something. Right after I’d given her a shower. Why?”

— marzipandancer

“I heard loud music coming from my three-year-old son’s room upstairs. When I yelled for him the music stopped and he appeared in the hall, wearing only underwear, sunglasses and a second pair of underwear on his head.

‘What, Dad?’

What do you even say to that?”

— oldforger

“When my oldest was 6-months old, my mom taught him how to bark (she was teaching him animal noises). That night, he put a blanket over his head and barked at the wall for fifteen minutes straight.”

— thelemurologist

“My toddler had just started walking and would eat random things from the floor. One day I looked over and saw the tell tale signs of him trying to hide after his newest find. I stick my finger in his mouth and pull out a dried frog. A [freakin’] flat, dried frog that he had been sucking on. Totally gave me the creeps for awhile, I have no idea where he could have found something like that. He was so [mad] when I took it away, too…”

— stranger_than_fishin

“3-year-old brought me a slug and told me it was ‘Mr. FunALug’ then she threw it into a bonfire and staring at its burning corpse, she said Mr. FunALug is dying.”


“My son was storing urine in shampoo bottles under his bed. He said it was like his own bathroom so he didn’t have to leave his room. His room is 10ft from the actual bathroom.”

— ieatthehardkernels

“My wife caught my three-year-old laying on his back completely naked with a toy traffic cone on his penis. When she asked him what he was doing, he looked at her annoyed and said, ‘Mommy, it was about time.'”

— teckreddit

“I was potty training my son and kept the potty just outside of our toilet. I walked into the area and saw a large poo with Mr. Potato Head arms, legs, nose and hat on it.”

— BunnyButtWaifu

“My son was probably about seven-eight months old. He was supposed to be napping in his crib but instead he reached over to the dresser and got a jar of Vaseline. He opened it and proceeded to get it all over his hair, his face, in his eyes…just everywhere.”

— ABookishSort

“Daughter was in her room singing ‘Let It Go’ and suddenly took it from sing song to death metal screaming. She was 6.”

— saketuyas

“A very recent one. We’ve tried to get my 2-year-old to stop sucking his thumb recently. He’s spent the weekend trying to suck everybody else’s instead.”

— ManQnian

“I caught my kid hastily shrinking his browser window as I walked into the room. I asked him what he was looking at. He says nothing. I just stand there.. He keeps staring straight ahead. So I ask again, what were you looking at? So he maximizes the window.. He was looking at a calculator for ‘How many llamas should your dowry be.’

He won this time…”

— Crasty

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