The birth rate in the U.S. just dipped to a 30 year low and the big question is, why are millennials having fewer kids? While experts have their guesses, many millennial themselves have chimed in to give their own reasons.

As USA Today reports the latest big drop in birth rate comes as something of a surprise as 2017 was a period of low unemployment and a better economy, which usually goes hand in hand with a baby boom. Instead, the opposite seems to be happening as millennials hit the traditional child-bearing age. So what’s keeping the digital generation from starting families? According to millennials themselves: everything.

Climate change to politics, melting polar ice to doubts about the solidity of Social Security, and of course, lack of jobs and money are just some of the numerous reasons why millennials are choosing to delay or forgo having kids altogether. Lack of support is another major factor for many women considering having a baby.

As the Huffington Post so aptly pointed out, most US women receive very little social support during pregnancy and after the baby is born. Only 12 percent of private sector employees in the US are granted paid family leave through their employees and one-fourth of all moms go back to work just two weeks after giving birth. With childcare becoming more and more costly and women having very little support in the workplace, it’s no wonder that millennials, who have already faced an uphill battle starting careers and dealing with mounting college debt, are reluctant to become parents.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Unsplash


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