Please tell me I am not the only one that had to read about the new neck-taping craze more than once. I truly could not figure out whether or not this was a joke. No way are people taping up with neck skin and walking around town! After a bit of internet research it appears to be totally legit.


A company called Nexsey is making it easy (and a little bit strange) to give yourself an instant face lift. Basically you grab a hunk of neck flab, tape it up pulling your skin tighter and off you go.

All I can envision right now is being some where formal and having your NECK come undone! Imagine being all glammed up, chatting and sipping Champs, when suddenly your tape gives way and your waddle bursts forth. Talk about the ultimate wardrobe malfunction! What if you sweat? What is your hair gets caught in it…or moved around. I could be so self-conscious over this I am sure I would stand in a corner like a statue fearing  the worst. I once had fake eyelashes come off at a wedding and it about did me in.


Neck tape is everywhere you look. I wonder if I could use that tape and tape some other body parts up as well? I’ve got some back fat that needs attending too. Maybe I could tape my hips nice and tight? A little taped up butt lift? Next time you see me I might look like a walking talking mummy. Don’t worry, I just went overboard on the neck tape!