It’s no major secret that model-mama Chrissy Teigen and John Legend used IVF to conceive daughter Luna. It’s also no secret that the couple had a few more embryos on ice, waiting to go. So when the new mommy, second time around, posted a sweet pic of baby Miles on Instagram, it surprised fans when one commenter asked about the little guy’s conception.

One commenter got personal, asking Teigen, “I know IVF was used for Luna was it used for baby brother also?” By now Teigen’s pretty used to just about everyone being totally in her business. So it wasn’t shocking when the mom of two didn’t seem to mind the personal nature of the question.

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Teigen replied, on IG, “Yep, he was on ice a smidge longer. Science and the human body are beautiful.” Of the probing comment, Teigen added, “I wasn’t offended by it — people are just curious and I think hearing success stories gives people hope. I’m all for talking about IVF.” And that’s exactly what happened. That is—people talking about IVF.

The comments sparked plenty of other comments, all about IVF and other mama’s journeys. One fan commented, “congratulations on your beautiful children! May I ask – which clinic was successful for you? I’m 44 and having the worst time finding a clinic that will take us seriously…” Another fan detailed her infertility struggles, having only one ovary and no Fallopian tubes. She ended her post to Teigen with, “Thanks for sharing your story.”

Not only is Teigen’s post of baby Miles aww-dorable, but it’s actually educational too!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Chrissy Teigen via Instagram 


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