I love ice cream. I do. I know, as a new mom I’m supposed to have a weight loss plan at the forefront of my mind at all times (not), but let’s be real… Ice cream is just SO good. If we’re being completely honest, I even have it for breakfast sometimes, on days when the hungry 4-month old wakes up early or the hungry mommy wakes up late. Even more than I love ice cream, I love gelato. It’s my guilty grocery bill pleasure, but thankfully pregnant Britney had a plan and bought 6 pints of Talenti Gelato for Breastfeeding Britney to enjoy. :) My great grandma always taught me to never throw away a free plastic container, so since I have six containers of almost gone gelato, here are six ways I have used them after emptying to make my life a little easier!

1.) Pump part storage. If you work and breastfeed, you also probably have to pump, and I have found that these little round plastic containers are the perfect size for the parts I bring to and from work every day. They’re small containers, so they only hold one set of parts, but I use my manual pump usually out of preference, so this way I have  a secure way to carry everything without having to use a million plastic bags.

2.) Baby toy. The screw on lid is fantastic for practicing motor skills, the container is the perfect size for little hands, and it’s clear, so I can throw a toy in there and make a rattle and add some motivation to figure out how to open it.

3.) Baby ice cream storage. I freeze breastmilk in these to use as ice cream for sore gums. I never need a whole pint obviously, but its a quick and easy vessel for it and the lid seals well enough that it doesn’t end up frost bitten.

4.) Snack holder. I use them for myself currently and throw some chopped celery or carrots in there to snack on while I work, but it would work just as well for road trip snacks for the family. Some raisins, a few goldfish… whatever your snack of choice, well sealed and easy to find, plus no crushed crackers.

5.) Pen/Makeup brush/Crayon holder. I repurposed a couple of these and painted them so that I had somewhere to store all of the random JUNK I find all over the kitchen and bathroom counters. Some acrylic paint, a little mod podge to seal it, and some twine tied around it in a bow, and suddenly the 43 makeup brushes I leave strewn all over the place in my morning panic look a lot more presentable.

6.) Mom treat! Of course, no matter what you decide to with the container, you have to do something with the contents first, right? I love grabbing a spoonful or two as a treat at night before bed to curb my sweet tooth, and Talenti is made with simple ingredients, which makes me feel better about eating it when I’m supposed to be getting in shape for a wedding.

If you have any other ideas for me, feel free to let me know! I still have a couple containers left, and my local Kroger has a few flavors I haven’t tried yet!

This article was written as personal opinion, I have not received any compensation from the Talenti company for this article. Talenti Gelato containers are not microwave safe.


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