photo: Pixabay

Growing up with pets in the family is both fun and beneficial to your health. And a new study proves one more reason why owning a dog makes life better for your whole family.

If you live in an area where harsh winter weather keeps you indoors, it can be tricky to stay active, and more importantly wear your kids out. A new study by researchers at the University of East Anglia and the Centre for Diet and Activity Research at the University of Cambridge found that dog owners are significantly more active in the winter than those who don’t have a pup in the family.

The study of 3,123 participants found that two-thirds of dog owners walked their dogs at least once a day and even during days with the worst weather conditions. Dog owners had 20% higher activity levels than non-dog owners and, “spent 30 min/day less sedentary.”

Although this particular study was only focused on older adults, a previous study from the Centre for Diet and Activity Research found that out of a group of over 2,000 school-aged children, those who had dogs spent more time in natural light, as well as more time performing moderate to vigorous activity, and took more steps overall than kids who did not have a dog at home.

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