If you’re under 30 and have a child in NYC it’s usually a shock. First of all the city is quite expensive but with that comes it’s just quite a fun lifest‌yle. To be frank, when I started taking my child to his classes or events people would assume that I might be his nanny.

The typical questions…

Really you have a son? How old are you? You’re married too? Wow, you look so young I had no idea.

Last year I would respond by, “Yes, I’m getting ready to turn 27. William was actually a surprise blessing because we thought I was going to have difficulties carrying a baby.”

At first, I felt insecure and thought I owed them an explanation of why I’m a young mom but not anymore. As I prepare to turn 27, I’m reflecting on my past year as a mother. One thing has changed this year, I don’t feel embarrassed or inadequate to be a mother as a soon-to-be 27-year-old and neither should you regardless of your age. You are enough. It’s so silly for moms to be jealous or opinionated about other mom’s ages.  Here are my top myths I hear about becoming a mom too early and I’m here to put those terrible myths to rest.

You’ll lose your youth. 

Oh, please. Becoming a mother at any age is exhausting. If being a mother was a piece of cake, everyone would have 10 kids. That’s not the case. No matter how old you are when you have a child your life will change. Instead of your youth, you might lose your privacy. You can’t just drink wine and watch Netflix as you wish no matter what your age when you’re a mom ). Try going to the bathroom without a child walking in. #motheringhasnoage

You can no longer have fun.

Again, is this for real? You will still have fun. Your fun just changes. What I use to think was fun has changed drastically. One of the most fun nights I have a new mom involved having family over and our child having a blowout. Sounds like no fun huh? Well, it was actually a blast. To many, it might sound terrible but that’s because they’re not experiencing it. Don’t get me wrong, we still enjoy our nights out. We love our cocktails and I’m not sorry about it. It’s a time for us to enjoy ourselves and reflect on parenting. If you can’t have fun with parenting then it would just be miserable. You don’t give up having fun, your idea of fun just changes.

You’ll lose the baby weight faster.

Oh my how I wish this was true. However, I hate to tell you it’s not. I was a double zero before having a child. Although I was young I had quite the journey losing that pregnancy weight. After 3 years I’m just now getting down to pre-baby weight. It’s more about your body. Everyone is different. Don’t just think the weight is going to come off with no help. I wish!

You’ll never have a career. 

This is so hurtful. I might have stayed home with my child for the first three years but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a career or have given those dreams up. I still work very hard at my career but never put being a mother on the backburner. No matter the age, if you inspired, becoming a mother only makes you work harder for your dreams. You have someone that relies on you to show them that you can do anything you are determined to do.

You’re not old enough to have a child. 

Let’s be honest with each other, there’s no right time to have a child. Honestly, is anyone ever old enough to have a child? No matter the age there are always challenges and sacrifices. Everyone is different and we shouldn’t pass judgment on when is the perfect age to have a child. Being a parent is exhausting. For anyone who says it’s not well they are just full of it. However, being a parent is the most rewarding thing I have ever done and I think others would agree.

So, I please ask you to forget about the age and instead support other mothers. Parenting is different for everyone but I can almost guarantee that everyone has a poop story that is similar and probably tons of other humiliating mom stories. This year I will laugh off mom bullies and enjoy being a mom no matter how old I am.

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