Sleepovers, one word that elicits that look from moms of all walks of life. That look of dread, that look of defeat, that look of annoyance, that look of horror. One word that makes Moms from all walks of life cringe. Why are sleepovers are among the most hated rites of passage during childhood?

The Big Ask

It starts with the ask. You always know it’s coming, you can feel it. It’s preceded by lots of giggling, a few conspiratorial glances your way, some whispering, a few more glances your direction before it comes, “Mom, can we have a sleepover?”


The Negotiation

My initial reaction – no chance in hell. After this many years, I know one thing for sure, sleepovers always equal one thing – grumpy kids the next day. Actually, grumpy kids actually doesn’t begin to describe it, kids acting like the spawn of Satan is a better description. Uggg – who has time for that?

“Please mom?” Then there’s that look. In my mind, the critical question, whose house are we talking about? Theirs? Let’s hope so. Ours? No, no, no, not ours, I beg of you.

My winning percentage on this? I’m batting somewhere around .500.

The Reality

But I’ve realized, there are some serious benefits to sleepovers! Hard to believe, but they aren’t all bad. Hear me out…

Sleepovers are like a mini-vacation! Especially when your kid goes to someone else’s house. When #3 is out of the house, it’s like a being away, but easier:  we can have an adult meal, at a nice restaurant; we essentially have the house to ourselves; I can walk around in my underwear; we can have sex without abandon; we can stay up late and sleep in without worry of someone needing us in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning. See, like vacation! 

It lets my hubby and me connect, even if it’s just one night, which always makes us better parents.

Better yet, it gives me a break, and that in and of itself always makes me a better mom. Absence truly makes the heart grow fonder!

I know what you’re thinking, that’s great as long as the sleepover is at their house. What about when they sleepover at our house?

Believe it or not, there are still benefits, more for the kids than me, but hear me out. First, the surprise and joy a sleepover brings #3 absolutely warms my heart! Second, it gives #3 a playmate which means I don’t have to entertain him! (I know, not my job, but you know what I mean.) Third, sleepovers bring me some street cred with his friends which means I get to know these little soon-to-be-tweens just a little bit better. Key, in my book, to keeping tabs on those kids when they eventually morph into teenagers.

So I’m Changing My Tune

So, this summer, I’m saying yes to sleepovers, even at my house. Why? Because every Momma I know could use a mini-vacation and why shouldn’t I help a Momma out?


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