Celeb mama Jennifer Garner doesn’t let her kids use social media. The self-admitted overprotective parent recently opened up to Fox News about her kiddos and why she’s not thrilled about them using this type of technology.

While it might not seem like Garner scares easily, apparently social media terrifies her. Scratch that, her kids using social media terrifies her. During her interview with Fox News Garner said, “My kids don’t have any social media yet. And I am terrified. I think it puts so much pressure on kids at an age when they’re really vulnerable anyway. You know, if anyone has any clues, let me know.”

Garner’s kids Violet (12), Seraphina Rose (9) and Samuel (6) may not be on social media yet, but their mama sure is. Even though she was late to the IG game, joining in 2017, the actress/mama has made her mark.

Even though Garner may be terrified of the day when her kids get their first social media accounts, her is anything but scary. Filled with pics of her Peppermint (her newest movie, which recently opened) workouts, her culinary exploits and her life being a mom, Garner is just as entertaining on the small screen of your smart phone as she is on the big screen.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Jennifer Garner via Instagram 



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