As wholesome as she might seem, Kristen Bell just ‘fessed up to a pretty common parenting experience—telling her kids a fib every now and then. Kristen Bell’s kids, Delta, 3, and Lincoln, 5, are so far none the wiser.

Bell recently opened up to TODAY about what it’s like parenting her two daughters and admitting to telling those all-too-common little white lies that every parent tells once in a while. So, what gives?

As it turns out, Bell likes to fudge the truth about her kids’ birthdays. She doesn’t outright skip her kids’ birthdays, but she has been known to creatively change the date, she admitted on TODAY.

Obviously she knows the dates her two kids were born. After all, she was there—both times! But it’s not always easy, especially as a working mom, to celebrate birthdays on weekdays. So that’s why Bell tells her little lies.

If one of her children has a weekday birthday, Bell told TODAY, “Well, like, if it’s a Wednesday, and we can’t celebrate and we’re both working late, then guess what? Your birthday is Saturday.”

Sneaky, sneaky indeed—and actually, pretty genius.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Kristen Bell via Instagram 



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