After my husband graduated from Tuck School Of Business at Dartmouth, we set out to use our summer to visit family. My husband had to start work much earlier than when our noodle starts school. So he, unfortunately, had to go back to NYC early. We knew our lease in NYC wasn’t going to start until the end of August so what better time to get to visit family? It was the best way to save money + for us to enjoy our summer. We started out visiting my in-laws for the first month in California and have wrapped up our trip with spending a month in Ohio. Sometimes stressful but overall so worth it! Here are the reasons why it’s been totally worth it and if you have the opportunity to do it, you should:

You get to experience different cities. 

I didn’t grow up on a beach like my husband. It’s nice to get to know what it’s like to grow up beside a beach and the lifest‌yle that comes along with it. We have had some beach time in California and then country time in Ohio. A perfect combination for a toddler. 

You get to build a relationship with your in-laws.

I know to some it might sound super stressful but honestly, the best thing to do is to spend time with them. I’ve learned so much from my in-laws! It has been one wild ride getting to know them. I really enjoy spending time with them because it helps me understand how my husband was raised. They clearly have done something right if you love your significant other.

Your child has time to actually get to know your families. 

We both come from large families. It’s hard for a little boy to get to know the family only when he visits occasionally. It has been so much fun watching William bond with family members and recognize them. Family is very important to us and we want William to learn the same. The best fun he’s had is with his cousins. Watching the kids bond has been so worth it. 

You get help!

With my husband being away it has been so nice to have help with William. Especially from my mother and mother-in-law. They have been amazing. Both have so much experience so getting reassurance in my times of need is so refreshing. Not to mention the help I’ve had from my father-in-law, Dad, brother-in-law, and step-dad. They’re so great with William. Also can rough house with him, which I can’t. 

You get to make memories! 

The best part of this trip has been making memories with friends, family, and William. I’ve actually had the time to take him to my favorite places in my hometown and fun outings with my best friend. We’ve had time to explore with my brother-In-Law and just time to relax. 

Overall, I’m so glad we’ve done this traveling summer. We will never forget our time we’ve had and memories we’ve made. We’re finally getting to the point that we will be refreshed and ready for our move-in at the end of the month.

Cheers to one more week of summer for us!