Celebs aren’t always all about themselves. They have families, friends and parents, too. And some of them are even sweeter than some of us regular ol’ folk. Count actress Jennifer Garner among the celebrities who have a so, so, so nice and thoughtful side. Why? Take a look at what she did to wish her dad, Bill Garner, a happy bday!

The actress created an adorable video montage of her family (with candids of dad) and posted it on Instagram. Oh, and that’s not all. Garner also added a cute caption, giving a shout out to the iconic Earth Wind & Fire song “September.”

Garner’s post read, “My dad’s birthday = the 21st night of September = #earthwindandfireday.” She also added, “We always knew you were the coolest, Dad!” Aww, so sweet.

The video montage is filled with all kinds of family photos, some of them going way, way back to Garner’s childhood. If you want to get a peek into what the actress was like in her pre-stardom days, and you also want to gush of her family pics, take a look at this awesome IG video.

Do you have a sweet dad story? Share yours in the comments below.