photo: Alex Levin via Flickr

Swim season is just around the corner, but for those days when you’re not up for schlepping to the beach, or the local pool just has too much of a yuck factor, it’s always fun to turn on the waterworks in your own backyard. This year, you might want to consider skipping the inflatables and investing in the latest trend: stock tank pools.

photo via @charlottesfarm on Instagram

For the uninitiated, stock tanks are typically used on farms as a giant water bowl for horses, cows and other livestock. They also happen to make an excellent alternative to blow-up kiddie splashers and above-ground pools. Stock tank pools have become so popular that even farm supply stores like Tractor Supply Co have jumped on the trend and offer detailed instructions on how to DIY your own.

photo via @emptypocketsfarmhouse on Instagram

While it does require some handiness and tools to transform a galvanized-steel tub into a filtered pool you’ll actually want to swim in, the effort is well-worth the result. Stock tanks are built to be extremely durable and will withstand the seasons better than any plastic pool. They are also much less of an eyesore, so you can have fun splashing and not feel the need to hide it away when guests arrive. You can even customize your pool to include a heater and turn it into a DIY jacuzzi for some grown-up time.

Do you have a stock tank pool in your backyard? Thinking about getting one? Share your thoughts in the comments below.