Add a Red Tricycle widget to your website or blog!

We are currently working on developing a number of different widgets for you to use on your website. Please follow the instructions below to add a widget to your site. Please note that currently we only offer javascript widgets. Some blogs will not let you insert javascript into your site. We are working on making alternate versions as well. Check back again soon for these options.

Blogs known to ALLOW javascript
blogger (blogspot)
Blogs known to BLOCK javascript

Calendar widget

To add the calendar widget to your site, copy and paste the code below. If you are using a self-hosted wordpress blog, the easiest way to do this is to create a text widget, and then paste the code in there. You can see an example of this at:
fedibblety.com (in the bottom right sidebar)

There are three options you can change to alter the look of the calendar widget

  1. redtriCity This can be set to either ‘seattle’, ‘san-francisco’, ‘los-angeles’, or ‘portland’. Don’t forget the quotation marks
  2. redtriWidth This sets the width (in pixels) of the calendar listing. This should be a number between 100 and 400. The default is 220
  3. redtriNumberEventsThis sets the number of events to display. The default is 8