Oh, the family dinner table. It used to be a place where everyone gathered to share stories about their day. Mom laughed at dad’s not-so-hilarious (but so cute) story about how he left his coffee cup on his car and drove away and the kids reviewed what they did at school. And then came cell phones. Instead of taking to each other, everyone is texting, emailing, SnapChatting and checking their Instagram. Whoa. Well, Will Ferrell just won’t stand for it. And here’s why.

The super-funny actor is taking on devices at dinner with a new PSA. Partnering with Common Sense Media, Ferrell’s ad features a family at dinner. At first glance the melancholy fam is sadly missing their dearly departed dad. But then the camera pans to the end of the table — and there he is.

Yep. Will Ferrell, playing the role of dad, is siting with the family. But he’s not exactly ‘”with” his family. And that’s because he’s on his phone.

The end of the ad features the hashtag #DeviceFreeDinner. Ferrell is completely on as the comedic edge in this meaningful commercial. And, of course, the message is totally on-point.

Are you planning a #DeviceFreeDinner? Share what you’re doing to ban tech at the table in the comments below.