With over a year left until the third installment of Fantastic Beasts hits theaters, we are in need for a fresh stash of Harry Potter goodies. Luckily, Williams Sonoma is constantly updating its collection!  Here are a some of our favorite exclusive magical finds.

Harry Potter Cookie Baking Set

The 26-piece set includes eight stainless steel cookie cutters, 12 icing bags, one storage box, four decorating tips and a plastic coupler--everything you need to make sweet Hogwarts treats.


Harry Potter Silicone Spatula

Whip up pancakes or a batch of cookies with these exclusive silicone spatula.


House Crest Cookie Cutters

Root on your favorite house with some tasty cookies.


Hydration Water Bottle

Stay hydrated and show off your Hogwarts school spirit with these water bottles.


Harry Potter Pancake Molds

Bring the magic to the breakfast table with these whimsical molds that will produce pancakes shaped like the Sorting Hat and Harry’s glasses.

Hedwig Cookie Jar

Count on Hedwig to keep watch over those House Crest Cookies. 


Harry Potter Chocolate Wand

The only downside to this edible wand is that the magic will disappear once you’ve gobbled it up, but it’s totally worth it. 


—Karly Wood & Shahrzad Warkentin



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