Your #1 winter goal: beat cabin fever! We want to help, so we tapped into parents who are head honchos on the parent support circuit. Click through our flipbook to meet moms group founders across the U.S. They dish on how to keep kids not only entertained, but ecstatic, when the weather doesn’t agree.

Peggy Mathias – Philly Parent Circle

Peggy Mathias' family loves the outdoors and sees cold or wet weekends as a fun break and excuse to stay inside. How does she keep four kiddos from screaming “I’m bored!?” “One of our favorite boredom busters is having the kids create and put on a “show” which allows them to get silly and let their talents shine. They come up with the theme, spend the day rehearsing and creating tickets. Of course, we love watching the creations.”

A favorite winter ritual for Peggy and her family is skating the lake behind their house in northern PA. As soon as the water freezes her hubby and hockey-fanatic son prep the ice and then the rest of the family skates their hearts out. What does emergency winter gear look like to this mama and her kids? “Layers, layers and more layers ... and of course, lots of hot chocolate and marshmallows.”

When trying to beat the winter blues, Peggy and her kids will head for the zoo. “It is a great way to see the animals up close and without the good-weather crowds. Plus, we get out in the cold and get wonderful fresh air in short spurts. Bundle up, pack thermoses full of warm beverages and bring your camera!”

Winter adventures are a regular occurrence for this fun-loving family but the best and most exciting include anything involving speed followed by hot chocolate and cookies especially sledding, ice skating and ice hockey.

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— Gabby Cullen