Your #1 winter goal: beat cabin fever! We want to help, so we tapped into parents who are head honchos on the parent support circuit. Click through our flipbook to meet moms group founders across the U.S. They dish on how to keep kids not only entertained, but ecstatic, when the weather doesn’t agree.

Krystal Hurst – Dallas Moms Blog

Krystal Hurst, proud mama of two little guys, offers winter survival tips, Texan style. “One of my favorite things to do is bring my boys into the kitchen and make play dough. Within five minutes you can have your own specially colored play dough and then send them off to play with it for the rest of the afternoon! It's, more like 10 minutes but it’s still tons of fun," she says.

When it’s cold enough,(you know ... like in the low 40s!) it’s all about starting a fire and having a movie night with hot chocolate and popcorn. Although winter in the South can get cold, the snow is few and far between so to get that holiday feeling, Krystal and her family will head for one of the holiday hot spots around Dallas. “The decorations and activities for children almost take you to another place. It reminds you that it’s not just “cold,” but actually a festive time of year and makes it all worth it,” she says.

And for amazing winter adventures? “One of my favorite winter activities is to head out to the smaller towns and experience the "drive thru light trails." They're usually at least an hour out of town so you have to pack up the car and prepare for an evening away. Fill up the thermoses with apple cider, bring some warm cookies, and enjoy time together in the car.”

On the winter bucket list for her boys Krystal can't wait to take them out to a Christmas tree farm. She has memories of these adventures with her own family and knows when ehr boys get a little older will love the experience.

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— Gabby Cullen