Your #1 winter goal: beat cabin fever! We want to help, so we tapped into parents who are head honchos on the parent support circuit. Click through our flipbook to meet moms group founders across the U.S. They dish on how to keep kids not only entertained, but ecstatic, when the weather doesn’t agree.

Mike Stilwell – D.C. Metro Dads

Dads have parenting groups, too! Mike is a co-founder a support network for stay-at-home dads in the D.C. Metro area. He and his family are no strangers to cold winter weekends. In fact, he has a cool trick up his sleeve. “I have a real Army parachute and would hang it up on the ceiling in the family room to make a fort about half the size of our whole lower level," he says. "We would spend hours in the fort playing games, 'bivouacking' like army men, just goofing off.”

Winter rituals for this family aren’t fancy but still tons of fun. “Just making hot chocolate and playing board and card games, Mile Borne is our favorite -- we still play it today.” When the weather was just too cold or snowy, Mike and his family would pile up in the car and head for sandier shores. He says, “The beach for sure! We go as often as we could, it is always our go-to winter blues killer.”

But when it comes time for winter adventures, snow sports can’t be beat for Mike and his family. “We usually go tubing when it snows. Our tubing adventures were usually at the local sledding hills in our area. I used to work as a mechanic and fleet manager before I stayed home and had very large truck tire tubes that could hold four easy and were a blast to ride.”

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— Gabby Cullen