Your #1 winter goal: beat cabin fever! We want to help, so we tapped into parents who are head honchos on the parent support circuit. Click through our flipbook to meet moms group founders across the U.S. They dish on how to keep kids not only entertained, but ecstatic, when the weather doesn’t agree.

Kristin Barron – San Diego Parent Connection

Kristin is co-chair of the San Diego Parent Connection and no stranger to finding fun for kiddos during the winter. “A best-best boredom buster for a cold weekend includes visiting new-to-us kid-friendly museums and, afterwards, finding a great spot to chow on clam chowder and hot cocoa.”

Every winter you can spot Kristin and her family hitting up the festival circuit, or the local amusement parks. “With the cooler weather, the festivals seem to be a cozy, more intimate affair and the parks are considerably less crowded than during the rest of the year. Another winter ritual is hot chocolate picnics on the beach or at a favorite park.”

On inside days, Kristin will bring out "special" boxes and fort-building equipment. “Two years ago I made a run to U-Haul and Staples and loaded up on unusual and very large boxes (try 18!) and jumbo binder clips. I added it to the extra sheets and fabric collected from various stores and now, when all is said and done, the kids have a fort that will cover and tunnel between three rooms. The most recent additions to the special fort supply were some headlamps, extra pillows, and glow sticks," she divulges.

When Kristin wants to beat the winter blues, nothing but the beach will do. "I find there nothing quite as calming as a long walk on the beach, no matter how many layers of clothing I must wear to stay warm.”

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— Gabby Cullen