Your #1 winter goal: beat cabin fever! We want to help, so we tapped into parents who are head honchos on the parent support circuit. Click through our flipbook to meet moms group founders across the U.S. They dish on how to keep kids not only entertained, but ecstatic, when the weather doesn’t agree.

Christine Koh – Boston Mamas

Along with being the founder of Boston Mamas, Christine Koh is co-author of "Minimalist Parenting: Enjoy Modern Family Life More By Doing Less." Her answer to cold winter days is cooking. "I've had my girls in the kitchen with me from the beginning; my three-year-old loves dumping and mixing ingredients and my 10-year-old can now make things like spinach soufflé and chocolate layer cake from scratch. MAJOR WIN,” she enthuses.

Old Man Winter spends plenty of time in Boston, so “it’s become a ritual the last few winters to embrace the snow for recreation, either via snow forts and tunnels or sledding ramps. We can get a few twists and turns on our tiny front yard." What does this family pull out during their “winter” emergencies? “We up ante on the usual things we do around the house. So, instead of baking muffins, we’ll make a gingerbread house or we’ll make an obstacle course in the basement.”

Their go-to spots include outdoor spaces, even when they are white instead of green. “A hike through one of the Mass Audubon properties is a great option. Layer up, bring a thermos of hot chocolate, immerse yourself in nature, and all of a sudden winter doesn’t look so bad." Winter adventures may include any of the awesome museums the city of Boston has to offer, because even the most outdoorsy family needs a break from the wind and chill, and as Christine says, “It’s a pretty delicious feeling to swap clunky snow boots for pretty ballet flats for a winter museum stroll!"

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Photo: Christina Dyous


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— Gabby Cullen