Will we see Polar Vortex 2.0 this winter? No need to shiver at the thought — not when there are tons of great cold-weather outerwear and accessories options out there. Get prepped for the frosty months ahead and flip through our album. We’ve picked our favorite winter jackets, snowsuits, mittens, boots and more. Warm and toasty, here you come!

Rain Boots – MyMayu

For those climates that get more puddles than snow heaps, boots by the new brand MyMayu do the trick. Along with the fresh graphics and bright colors, we love that they're not clunky or bulky for easy maneuverability (i.e.: less face plants!) Also, they cinch at the knee, so water doesn't seep inside.

Available at mymayu.com, $48.95.

Where do you shop for everything you need to bundle up? Let us know in the Comments!

— Ashley Jonas