Little witch lovers will be over the moon for this sweet and simple craft that they can actually use all year long. With just a few supplies that most people will be able to scare up in the house, you and your witchy apprentice will be able to make this broomstick bookmark in no time flat. No magic spells required!


You Will Need:

–A wide popsicle stick
–A small square of black construction paper or craft foam
–Short piece of string or twine



Make Your Broomstick

1. Cut the black paper or foam into a simple shape like the one shown below. On the larger end, make long vertical cuts to make the bristles of the broom.


2. Use just a dot or two of glue to glue to black broom bristles to the end of the stick.


3. Take the string and wrap it a few times around the narrowest part of the broom bristles, tying a small knot in the back. Trim the excess string.


Optional: decorate the broomstick itself with your child’s name, or even the title of her favorite book. But make sure you let the broomstick’s glue dry completely before using it in your book. There’s no reversing spell for sticky pages!

—photos and copy by Erin Feher

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