Suffering from a rare hereditary disease, Whitney Bleisner—who was unable to have a baby—believed she would never have kids of her own, until her twin sister offered to carry her baby for her.

Not only did Jill Noe step up to be a surrogate for her twin sister, but now at 29 weeks pregnant she also happens to be carrying a set of twins. Doctors suggested that Bleisner, who was diagnosed with NF2 (Neurofibromatosis type 2), a rare hereditary disease that can cause benign tumors along the nerves of the brain, spinal cord and other areas of the body, use a surrogate, but the cost was too much to even consider.

Amazingly Bleisner’s twin sister stepped up without hesitation. “She’s always wanted to be a mom and her disease has already taken so much from her. I wasn’t going to allow (NF2) to take this opportunity from her, too,” said Noe. “She’s my best friend and I know she would have done the same for me. I really didn’t put much thought into becoming a surrogate at all. It just felt like the right thing to do. Our family is so strong and so supportive of one another, especially since Whit’s diagnosis in 8th grade.”

Later came the even more exciting news that, not only was the IVF successful, but it had resulted in twins. Being a twin herself, Bleisner explained that she understands the special bond between twins and she’s delighted that her kids will grow up with the same experience.

“Jill has been amazing during this whole process,” Bleisner said. “She lets me ask her all these weird questions, lets me touch her stomach; and it’s just amazing because this is the closest I could get to actually having the babies inside me.”

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: 3907349 via Pixabay



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