Your baby’s birth day is a magical time. Most likely, it happened in the peace and calm of the L&D suites at your local hospital or maternity center. Well, not everyone’s birth experience is as…umm, the same. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. And that’s exactly what happened to a mama-to-be from Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood during Hurricane Irma.

At 3:23 a.m. a call came in to emergency services in Miami. A pregnant woman was in labor, and about to give birth. With the hurricane bearing down on the city, this was one of many calls. But the strong winds of the Category 4 hurricane making it almost impossible for fire crews and paramedics to do their jobs, only a few of the many, many calls that came in got responses. Oh, and the few calls that were answered didn’t include the pregnant woman.

Just over two hours later, the woman called emergency services again. This time she was ready. That is, she was ready to push her baby out. But, again, crews weren’t able to reach her. So what did the paramedics do? They, along with a doctor from Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, talked the woman through the whole childbirth process.

Yep, the new mommy delivered her own baby. She even cut the umbilical cord, too! When the brunt of the bad weather had passed, emergency crews were able to get to the pair and transport them to the hospital.

Would you be able to deliver your baby at home, with just a paramedic on the other end of the phone? Share your answer in the comments below.