Wonder & Explore Learning

Wonder & Explore Learning is an at home learning experience geared for children ages 3-6.  It is a hands-on, play based learning experience.  You will use manipulatives and materials around the house and outside to teach your child.  You will help grow the inquiring mind of your young child.  Wonder & Explore Learning uses multiple avenues to connect with your child and family that can easily fit into your schedule.

  • Parents will receive curriculum that will cover all areas of study. Themes vary each month looking at topics of interest of young children and the seasons.
  • There will be a weekly story time video that follow along with the curriculum. We will read a story together, sing songs, finger plays, and learn together.
  • A monthly subscription box mailed to your child. The box will be filled with a book, craft materials, and learning manipulatives. Your child will be excited to receive a new box each month.
  • Once a week Crossfit kid class (online), to help encourage movement and large motor skills.
  • I will be available for parent support via email, as you teach your child this year.

-from Couloir Jensen, Wonder & Explore Learning
Online: https://www.southislandcrossfit.com/wonder-explore-learning