When it comes to woodland creatures, your little mousies will squeak with delight when they see the spread you lay out for your next party (or maybe just for afterschool treats). From raccoon snack plates to candy acorns, scroll down for forest friend recipes fit for your creatures, great and small.

hedgehog cheese snack photo: The Lamb Family via flickr

1. Hedgehog Cheese Plate
You can use plain cream cheese or mix in some shredded carrot or chives for an herbaceous flavor. (Click here for one of our favorite cheese ball recipes!) The hardest part of this task is shaping that cheese ball into a tear drop shape. Press slivered almonds into the back to create the bristles, surround with your kiddos favorite crackers and chomp on!

racoon veggie trayphoto: Life Unadorned

2. Raccoon Snack Plate
When we saw Life Unadorned’s insanely cute raccoon snack plate, we couldn’t resist a little jump for joy. Not only is it adorable, it’s healthy and easy to put together. Visit Life Unadorned for the complete tutorial, plus other amazing ideas for party fun.

cspsmagicmushroomcapresesalad-medium1photo: Cup of Sugar, Pinch of Salt 

3. Magic Mushroom Caprese Salad
Pint-sized foragers won’t crinkle their noses at these mushrooms from Cup of Sugar, Pinch of Salt’s take on a traditional caprese salad. These bite-sized apps are low in fat and big on flavor, and perfect for any woodland themed party (or maybe just an afternoon nosh!). Get the recipe here.
Bûche de Noël

photo: Mon Petit Four 

4. Perfect Log Cake
If you want to make an edible center piece to your woodsy affair, a traditional Buche de Noel will fit the bill. This version from Mon Petit Four features a spongy chocolate cake with a whipped cream filling,  a guaranteed crowd pleaser. To get the recipe, click here.

Cocoa Meringue Mushroomsphoto: Cakes and More

5. Meringue Mushroom Treats
Whether you use them for decorating your cake or just spread them out on a wood slab of their own, these meringue mushrooms from Cakes and More will delight all your party goers. Dusted with cocoa powder, they make a light and airy treat that’s well worth the effort. Get the details on creating these fungal masterpieces here.

Candy Acornsphoto: Pear Tree Kitchen 

6. Little Acorn Candies
Fill your favorite bowl with these perfect little acorn candies from Pear Tree Kitchen. Just the right size for your little squirrels, they’re super easy so you can them involved in the making (expect a little nibbling along the way). Find out how to do it at Pear Tree Kitchen.

What nibbles do your little creatures like to eat? 

—Amber Guetebier & Susie Forseman