We know how it goes: returning to school after the holidays means your family went from busy to BUSY. Amid the circus rush of shuttling your crew around town, hitting the books or just trying to get them out the door in the morning, there’s always time to pull out a few words of encouragement. Take these 13 phrases for a test drive to keep those family ties tight!

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1. Thanks for sharing your day with me. Nothing says, “I’m listening” after the day’s download quite like this one. Frasier Crane would be proud.

2. I’m so happy you’re home. I missed you. Because even though parents joke about alone time, we’re happiest when our kids are by our sides.

3. You roll with the punches like a champ. Busy families have ever-changing schedules where flexibility is key.

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4. Thanks for helping out with … when they go above and beyond to keep your family’s groove grooving, let them know how proud you are!

5. Your thoughtfulness shines through. Save this one for the simple gestures they make throughout the day, like helping out a friend or sharing with a sibling.

6. I was thinking about you today when … sharing your day with them lets kids know they’re loved, even when you’re not around to show it.

7. Your joy puts a smile on my face too. This one makes an impact when they come off the bus or through the door with big smiles.

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8. I’ll bet your friends/teacher appreciated your ___________ today. Insert your favorite adjective here; no matter which one you choose, letting your kids know others see this same quality in them is super empowering.

9. It sounds like you worked hard today. Whether they took a tough test, ran a mile in P.E. or just tried their best, praise that perseverance. Go grit!

10. I can’t wait to see what your day brings. Put a positive spin on their daily morning routine when they fly out the door to catch the bus.

11. Do your best! Send them off with good vibes so they’ll be primed to achieve at whatever they put their mind to.

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12. Can I get a hug? Shhh … this one’s really more about them then you, but they don’t need to know that. Hugs at the end of the school day send a clear message to your little love bug.

13. I’m so proud of you. An oldie but a goodie like this never goes out of style.

—Allison Sutcliffe



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