If it seems like everyone has World Cup fever, you’re not wrong. Website My Funny Games Builder has even joined in the awesomeness by making something pretty awesome of its own—producing a series of LEGO World Cup highlights! Who doesn’t want to watch a World Cup match… in LEGO?

So 2018 World Cup soccer is pretty darn good as is… But turn it into LEGO animation and suddenly you have a recipe for complete joy. Seriously—you just have to watch it to truly understand.

The LEGO reenactments of World Cup games are taking YouTube by storm. From your favorite players to the highlights of each game, these cute clips are perfect for the super-soccer fan—and all you LEGO lovers too.,

Check out the brick parodies of France vs. Argentina, Portugal vs. Spain and plenty of other gloriously LEGO-built games. If you don’t get your fill of LEGO soccer during World Cup season, don’t worry—there’s plenty more brick football (not the American kind) to watch. MY Funny Games Builder has Champions League games and recaps of some of your favorite teams playing each other!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: My Funny Games Builder via YouTube


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