Get ready for the world’s biggest LEGOLAND park! Yep. That’s right. LEGOLAND New York is set to become the ninth—and largest—of the plastic brick-themed parks.

According to a press release from Merlin Entertainments, the company behind the LEGOLAND empire, the New York park will become the third in North America. Located 60 miles northwest of New York City in Goshen, Orange County, the park will cover 150 acres of space.

So what can you expect from the newest LEGOLAND adventure? Well to start with, the park will include a 250-bedroom LEGO-themed hotel. So if you don’t live within driving distance (it’s roughly an hour and a half from NYC and three hours from either Philadelphia or Boston), you’ll have an on-site option for an overnight stay.

Merlin Entertainments recently unveiled a model (made with LEGOs of course) of the park. The park will reportedly include rides and shows based on LEGO charcaters and the hotel rooms will come with plenty of opportunities for plastic brick play. The park will also include 30 million LEGO bricks that will be built into 15,000 models through eight different themed sections.

Even though the park will be open seasonally, from Apr. 1 though Nov. 1, the hotel will remain open year-round. While anyone at any age can enjoy the LEGO awesomeness, the park is geared towards kiddos ages two through 12.

While there’s no specific date set for the grand opening, look for a spring 2020 start!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Marc Luisoni via Pixabay 



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