Transform your nice, normal window or living room wall into a haunted house with one really cute (and super easy) project that only takes minutes. Read on for the boo-torial.


You will need:

Construction paper in black, yellow and white.



A pencil

A black marker

Step One

Freehand or measure, then cut your black paper into strips: 4 1″ strips and 2 1/2″ strips. The thicker bands will be the outside of the window frame, the thinner ones the inner frame. You might need to adjust/trim the black paper to fit and/or the yellow paper once you’ve glued the black in place.


Step Two
Draw an outline of your ghost on the white paper. If you want a template click here. Cut out your ghost (or ghosts).

Step Three

Glue your ghost onto the yellow paper. You may want to lay the black pieces over it to see how well the ghost’s face peeks before you glue the ghosts down. Or, draw a pencil mark where the inner -pane will be as a guide. Once  you’ve glued your ghosts, glue the panes on. Then fill in your ghostie faces with black marker.


Voila! You just completed an incredibly easy and perfectly spooky decoration to hang up.

Variations: If you are feeling fancy, try using vellum or tissue paper for your window’s “glass.”

You can also play with the shape of the window. For example, you can make one that is castle-window like for the haunted medieval vibe.

If you don’t have black or prefer to use brown or color white strips to look like wood.

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—photos and copy by Amber Guetebier