Teachers often go above and beyond for their students. But when one Chicago educator watched her student’s baby, she went farther than most would.

LaShonda Carter recently posted a video on Facebook of herself sitting in her car with a baby. But the baby wasn’t hers. She went on to explain that she had a former student, Larresha Plummer, reach out to her early in the morning. The 18-year-old explained to Carter that she was going through a tough time, had recently given birth and needed to go to a job fair that day. But Plummer was understandably nervous to bring her newborn on a public bus.

What Carter did next is commendable.

Photo: LaShonda Carter via GoFundMe

So what did Carter do? She did what many people wouldn’t—she offered to take the new mom and her baby to the job fair. Not only did she drive Plummer to the fair, but the teacher stayed in the car with the five-week-old baby.

As she sat with Plummer’s baby in the car, Carter told her Facebook viewers, “Sometimes as a teacher our job goes beyond the classroom.” She then asked for “her village” to come together and help. She noted that the baby needs clothes and talked about how she’d take the new mom to WIC for more help.

Carter went on to say, “This is the part that most people don’t know that the educators do.” And that couldn’t be more truthful. To help a former student by driving her to a job fair and babysitting is amazing as is. But to then go on and try to get the teen even more help…well, it shows, in Carter’s words, “The heart of an educator.”

If you want to help Carter to help her former student, you can visit the educator’s GoFundMe campaign for more information.

—Erica Loop



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