Are you making vacation plans for 2019? The WOW Air India airfare sale is on—and it means you can score crazy-awesome deals if you’re traveling from one of the select U.S. cities to Delhi, India.

WOW Air recently expanded their international service, taking travelers from nine U.S. to cities to Delhi, India. Fly WOW from Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Newark, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles or Washington, D.C. and score a fair as low as $199 one-way through January 2019. Yep, that’s a one-way ticket from the United States to India for under $200!

Photo: nonmisvegliate via Pixabay

While the $199 promotional rate is available for some flights, the price does change somewhat depending on when you reserve your ticket. Check out WOW Air’s website for current rates.

Keep in mind, the rates are one-way. If you want a return flight (and hey, we totally get it f you’d rather stay on vacation), you’ll have to pay for it. Again, these prices go up and down too—but start at $250 per return ticket.

Along with the return flight you’ll also need to pay to check your bags. But given how rare it is to score free checked bags on just about any airline, this India airfare sale is totally worth it for an exotic family adventure in the new year.

—Erica Loop



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