Last week, Entertainment Weekly gave fans an exclusive preview into the upcoming Wreck-It Ralph sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet—and while the movie continues the saga of Wreck-It Ralph, we’re really just obsessed with the photos of Disney Princesses in loungewear!

A whopping 14 of your fave princesses are seen in full slumber party regalia, surrounding main character Vanellope von Schweetz who has recently discovered that she’s a princess, too. Vanellope first encounters the leading ladies on a fan site, where they are all dressed to-the-nines in their iconic princess garb. But they soon take a page from her book and the ensuing photograph shows the princesses in a far more laid-back style.

There are SO many things we want to dissect about this photo! First, it completely matches up with our dreams of how all princesses surely hang out together when not going on their adventures. What little girl wouldn’t due for a slumber party surrounded by all that flowing hair and magical powers?

Fans had lots of reactions and thoughts to the big reveal on social media.

And can we talk about the custom loungewear that is so obviously made for each princess? From Elsa’s “Just Let It Go” to Snow White’s poison apple shirt, the details perfectly match the personality of all the gal pals.

And THE HAIR. We get a snapshot of Tiana’s natural hair as well as some trademark styles, like Anna’s double braids and Ariel’s fire red locks.

We’ll have to wait until November to see the new film, but in the meantime, we’re really hoping Disney makes some of these stylish PJ’s––in adult sizes.

––Karly Wood

Feature Photo: ProudDisNerds via Instagram 



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