Written Out Loud

What if your child could look back on the pandemic and say,“That’s when I wrote my first book.”

Written Out Loud has transformed over 300 kids into joyful co-authors of published books. We do it by revealing the age-old storytelling tools and techniques buried inside their favorite books, movies and shows, like Harry Potter, Hamilton, The Hunger Games, and more. Pioneered at Yale University and taught by Hollywood and publishing pros, our program gets kids to fall in love with writing!


Your child meets once a week on Zoom. Inspired by stories they already love, your child will become jet-fueled with self-confidence – writing from a place of passion instead of obligation. Best of all, your child will be grouped with kids that are just like them – kids who love the same kinds of books and movies they love. The core objective of our program is to grow creative kindred spirits. Group storytelling creates friendships and habits kids can form and carry with them for the rest of their lives. Your child will finish a book in our program – and they’ll love it every step of the way!

Our next session starts January4th. Save your spot!

-from Joshua Shelov, Written Out Loud
Online: https://www.writtenoutloud.org/