photo: Mattel 

So you say your kiddo is a WWE Superstars fan? Well… now you can buy pint-sized versions of some of your child’s favorite female wrestlers. Yep. Toys “R” Us has an exclusive line of 12-inch Mattel dolls that feature some of the most-loved Superstars. Umm, maybe they’re more of action figures than dolls. If your child can’t stop talking about the WWE, you need to check out the eight new dolls that she’s about to beg you for.

Okay, so by the name the “Superstars” are super stars. They’re totally famous in the WWE world. And it’s not like this is the very first time that someone has made a toy, doll or action figure from a WWE celeb. But these dolls feature the toughest, baddest (that’s bad in a good way) women of the WWE.

Look for eight new dolls, featuring Superstars such as Charlotte Flair, Nikki and Brie Bella, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Eva Marie and Alicia Fox.

The dolls come complete with fashionable outfits and awesome accessories. We’d say a WWE Women’s Championship title belt is pretty awesome. Right? Now your mini WWE fan can get in some dramatic play time — acting out her favorite wrestling moves, without you having to worry about her breaking her neck (as long as the dolls are the ones with all the moves). Oh, and then she can switch gears and dress the dolls up in their fashion-wear.

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