If Yoo-hoo was a childhood staple at your house, you’ll be excited to learn that the classic chocolate drink just got a new flavor. Debuted as a unique chocolate drink in 1928, Yoo-hoo has since remained popular with kids over the decades, adding a wide variety of flavors over time including strawberry, chocolate strawberry and chocolate peanut butter.

Now the drink comes in a brand new flavor––Vanilla! This marks the first time the flavor has been launched and we couldn’t be more excited.

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Hello Everyone! Today’s post features a BRAND NEW flavor of Yoo-hoo. The new flavor is Vanilla! If you’ve been following my Instagram story then you know I discovered a tag on a shelf at Walmart for Vanilla Yoo-hoo on Friday, but much to my dismay no Vanilla Yoo-hoo. Fast forward to two days later and I found it stocked on the shelf of another Walmart on Sunday! My sister also found it the same day as me in another state. I was super excited by this new find because I had not seen any posts about it and could not track down any information about it, so it appears this is a super brand new release! 🥤 The Vanilla Yoo-hoo comes in packs of 10 boxes. The packaging and individual boxes display a vanilla ice cream cone graphic on it. My sister- Front Page Food Finds Guest Contributor and I really enjoyed this Yoo-hoo. We both agreed the Vanilla Yoo-hoo tasted like a melted Vanilla Milkshake or like the ice cream melted at the bottom of a cup/dish. We both thought the ice cream graphic was an accurate and fitting description of the taste and flavor. I was happy I bought two packages of the Yoo-hoo, and my sister wishes she had picked up two packages instead of one. 😂 Needless to say, we both are big fans of Yoo-hoo’s new flavor. 🥤 Dear @yoohoodrink @drpeppersnapplegroup #keurigdrpepper you need to get your Yoo-hoo social media accounts up and running so us Yoo-hoo fans can show you some love, and get information on the new flavors you release. You’ve got fans out here! P.S.- Can the Chocolate Banana flavor make a come back??? 😍😍😍 🥤 Thank you all for joining me today. This post is extra special to me because it is my 100th post! 🎉 Thank you to all that follow me and show my posts love, you are more appreciated than you know. 😊 I’ll be back Friday with a brand new seasonal food find! 🥤 – Kim 🧁🍭🍫

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Instagram user @frontpagefoodfinds describes the new flavor as tasting “like a melted Vanilla Milkshake or like the ice cream melted at the bottom of a cup/dish.”

The new flavor has been spotted by fans at Walmart in a ten-pack of drink boxes.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Snackstalker via Instagram



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