Photo: Ali Flynn

Sweet girl, can I tell you a few secrets?

You are forever loved and cherished for being you.

Your giggle is imprinted on my soul.

You may feel lost at times, finding your way, but hold on tight and have the confidence to know your path will be revealed.

Your perseverance is admirable and forces me to reach towards my goals.

You are my first born and my first true love.

The first moment I held you, I lost my breath with sheer joy.

You radiate positivity and I pray you continue this throughout your life journey.

Your smile is infectious and one not to be judged or quieted down.

Your words need to be heard.

Your unique self is perfect just as it is.

Your strong will is admirable and makes me realize you are equipped to take on the world.

You, my girl, are one of life’s greatest blessings.

You. Me. Us. We.

Always connected. Forever bonded. Continuously loving one another.


This post originally appeared on Hang in there mama by Ali Flynn.