photo: Pixabay

Traveling abroad can get pricey, especially when you are flying with your family and you need multiple seats. However, one company is looking to change the air travel business by offering discount flights through private pilots.

Wingly is a new flight-sharing site that works similarly to Uber or Lyft in that private pilots offer rides to passengers in the empty seats aboard their personal aircraft. Hitch a ride to destinations across Europe for much less than you would pay on a commercial flight and without all the hassle of checking in and waiting at an airport terminal.

Not only will passengers save time and money, but the flight itself becomes part of the fun. Kids will love boarding a small private aircraft and getting an up close experience with watching the pilot fly the plane. Besides one-way flights and short excursions, many pilots also offer sightseeing flights if passengers just want to experience Europe from the sky.

The cost per trip varies per pilot, with some as little as $25, but average around $60. Planes can carry anywhere from two to four passengers and you can choose from the flight destinations listed or put in a request for a specific flight path.

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