You’re all about date night. Just you, your S.O. and no kids in sight. Hey, you love your little one to pieces. But sometimes mama needs a break. Seriously. What if that break included Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard? Yep, that’s right. You could go on a double date holiday game night with the celeb couple. And here’s how!

Omaze is a website that’s trying to make a change. They’re doing it by making giving easy — and fun. The organization Opening Act is using Omaze to raise funds. And they’re giving away one holiday-themed double date night with Bell and Shepard. Opening Act helps NYC’s most underserved public high schools, providing the chance for students to develop leadership and other skills through a year-long After School Theater Program.

Donating to the cause through Omaze lets you enter to win a stay in LA (plus the flight there) and an evening with the Bell and Shepard in a winter wonderland game night. You’ll get matching holiday sweaters, cocoa and play games galore.

The more you donate, the more chances you have to win. Kind of fun, right? Oh, and you can also get some pretty rad thank you’s for donating at different levels. Unfortunately the outgoing voicemail message personalized by Bell and Shepard level is already sold out. But you can still get an autographed Veronica Mars poster and a digital thank you card. And of course, the chance to win a night with the cute comedic couple.

What game would you choose to play on a double date night with Bell and Shepard? Share your pick in the comments below.