Need a fresh perspective? Nothing beats seeing the world flipped upside down: the sky is down, the grass is up, and all that blood rushing to your head is starting to make you feel a little giddy. In honor of National Upside-Down Day, we bring you ten ways to get your feet in the air and your head on the ground. Now flip out!

handstandPhoto: Familjen Helsingborg via Flickr

  1. The classic: Do a headstand.
  2. The show-off: Do a handstand.
  3. The acrobat: Tumble into a somersault.
  4. The bat: Hang by bent legs from the monkey bars.
  5. The daredevil: Ride a twisty roller coaster.
  6. The technicality: Walk around the house looking down into a large mirror—it will feel as though you are walking on the ceiling!
  7. The Yogini: Push up into bridge pose.
  8. The gymnast: Stick the landing on your cartwheel
  9. The swimmer: Dive off the board head first.
  10. The assist: Ask mom or dad to grab you by the ankles and PULL!

Do you have any ideas to add? Let us know in the comments below! 

—Erin Feher