There’s a playhouse that’s taking over social media. Oh, and it’s seriously rad. Really. When Adam Boyd of Highland, Michigan built a playhouse for his daughters, Avery and Violet, he didn’t expect that the entire world would be watching. But they are. And for very good reason. This is kind of the playhouse to end all playhouses. Check out the pure awesomeness that one super-cool dad built for his kids.

Boyd, president of ATB Building Inc., relied on his construction knowledge and work experience to create a two-story playhouse that looks a whole lot more like a real house. And he relied on his super-talented sister, the artist between Flashes of Life Photography, to snap the now-famous pics of the playhouse.

Not only does it have two stories, but it’s got a rustic-looking porch, a deck, real windows and doors and access to a climbing wall/swing-set area. And that’s not all. Take a walk around the back and it’s got a twisty slide and a rope ladder, too! Inside the house you’ll find a kitchenette, a loft and plenty to play with.

After positing pics of the house on Facebook, Boyd’s creation got so much attention that he decided to start a new business venture — Spoiled Rotten Homes. This new business caters to families who also want similarly extravagant playhouses.

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