The mamas of The BreakWomb sure know how to have fun! But their type of fun isn’t exactly what you might expect. Okay, you’re a mom. So you probably do very much expect, and understand, their type of fun. In their YouTube video “Mom Fun is…Different” we get treated to a hilariously true version of what happens when you have kids.

So what type of fun do these mommies have? Well, they start out with fun at the grocery store. No, there’s not a party or a buffet of free samples going on (but wouldn’t that be nice?). There is a shopping trip that is completely childless though. Come on, you know the joy that shopping for the food that you want to buy on your own schedule can bring for any mama.

And what else are these lovely ladies doing to have fun? Umm, they’re taking the long route home (alone, of course) and hanging out (again, alone) at the pharmacy waiting to pick up a prescription. Hmmm. We totally get that these aren’t “fun times” on the scale of a night out with the girls. But sometimes getting to point all of the AC at yourself in the car or starring at a blank wall can be just as gratifying.

What’s your favorite type of mom fun? Tell us in the comments below.