photo: Pixabay

Your child is creative beyond compare! She is drawing up a storm and you’re pretty sure that she’s ready to be the next great inventor (and yes, she will someday dominate on Shark Tank). But for right now, she will settle for some in-home dreaming. Well, IKEA’s new contest is opening up the option of turning your child’s doodles into a real product that the Swedish retailer will actually sell in stores. If your kiddo has every thought, “Hey, being a toymaker is a pretty cool job” you need to check out this contest right now.

Are you an IKEA FAMILY member? If you are, then you aren’t just getting special discounts and offers. Nope. Your child now also has the chance to enter into an amazingly awesome contest. Children of IKEA FAMILY members who are 12 & under can get creative and draw their own soft toy idea.

All your child needs to do is put on their thinking cap (not literally, of course) and come up with the coolest soft toy idea that they can dream up. When the idea is set, hand over a piece of 8.5 x 11-inch white paper and let your little artist turn the idea into an actual drawing. Scan the drawing or snap a pic and upload the file onto IKEA’s website (you need to create an online IKEA FAMILY account to do so). If you’re not into the scan and submit option, you can also mail it to IKEA or drop it off at your local store.

The contest is on, and runs until November 7, 2017. When the submissions are in, IKEA will pick five winners. Each winner will have their drawing transformed into a real soft toy that IKEA will sell in autumn of 2018.

What’s your child’s dream toy? Share your answer in the comments below.