If you grew up in the era of Punky Brewster and Growing Pains, then you no doubt sported a side ponytail or two. And what was holding that ‘do in place? A scrunchie of course. This famous hair accessory, may be the butt of many a fashion faux pas jokes, but it’s back and making a statement.


Scrunchies came to fame in the late ’80s and early ’90s and if you had any style sense whatsoever, you had an entire drawer full of them in every color and pattern imaginable. But the ’90s ended and so did this awesome accessory. Carrie Bradshaw put the final nail in the scrunchie coffin when she proclaimed on Sex and the City that no female New Yorker would ever be caught dead wearing one.


The scrunchie has attempted to make a fashion comeback a few times since then, but this time it’s back with a brand new name: the Hair Cloud. Crafted out of high-end fabrics, like vintage silks, the hair cloud is even making waves taming tresses on fashion runways. They can be found in trend-setting stores, like Urban Outfitters and Forever 21, but most important of all, they are the perfect way to dress up that mom bun.

Would you rock a hair cloud? Share your favorite mom ‘do in the comments below.

— Shahrzad Warkentin