Can your kiddo put his or her own jacket on? The weather’s getting colder and pretty soon it will be jackets, jackets and more jackets. All the time. And that means you’ll be hearing a whole lot of, “Mommmmmy. Help me put on my jacket.” That is, after you finally win the, “No jacket ever!” battle. If you’re looking for a way to help your little one feel independent, and save some time in the morning rush, you absolutely, positively have to check out the jacket flip technique.

So you say your tot cannot put on her own jacket? Oh, you’ve tried. You’ve tried more than a few times. You show her how to put one arm in and then the other one. Your child follows you. But she just can’t do it.

Hey, putting on a jacket is harder than it looks — especially when you’re new at it. If your child is struggling with her own coat, take a look at this jacket flip video clip. It might not exactly be rocket science. But it certainly is completely genius. With this super-easy strategy, your child will be putting on her own jacket in no time.

What creative strategy do you use to help your child out with a challenging task? Tell us in the comments below.