Your BFF would pour ranch dressing over absolutely everything if she could. Seriously. It’s not just salads that she soaks in the creamy goodness. She’ll slather a steak with ranch if given the opportunity. And now Hidden Valley is giving you the chance to gift your ranch-lovin’ friend (or anyone else who is all about the dressing) the best Christmas present ever. Check out the oddly awesome products that Hidden Valley and the website have for you!


So lets’ start with the keg, yes a keg, of Hidden Valley ranch dressing. You have to really, really, really love ranch to make this work out in your favor. Okay, technically it’s more of a mini keg. It’s 9.7 inches tall, 6.3 inches wide and holds up to 5 liters of the creamy, dreamy dressing. The mini keg does come with a $50 price tag. But that includes a year’s supply of Hidden Valley Ranch.

Just in case the ranch-lover in your life wants more than just a mini keg of the dressing, has so much more to offer. Along with Hidden Valley t-shirts, you can get a Hidden Valley “Not Your Ugly Christmas Sweater” Christmas sweater, a dressing bottle coozie, ranch bottle socks and Hidden Valley ornaments.


Before you decide on a pair of socks and a cute little tee, we’ve saved the best for last. And yes, it does get better than a keg of ranch. If ranch is your jam, has the end all and be all of dressing delights — the Hidden Valley Holiday Ranch Fountain with Skirt. Yes, you read that right. It’s a ranch fountain! With four tears and a separate motor with heat switches (we’re not really sure why you would want hot ranch, but okay), this ridiculously rad gift also comes with a year supply of Hidden Valley. Whoa.

Are you a ranch lover?Would you buy the ranch mini keg? Share your thoughts in the comments below.